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А. Verba, MD, S.Shatilov, MD
The Danube Basin Hospital in Water Transport, Izmail City, Odessa region, Ukraine

The Centre for Extracorporal Detoxication and Blood Gravity Surgical Treatment

     The problems with efficient and timely competent medical assistance to those suffered from the Black Widow bites arises in the hospitals within the Southern Part of Ukraine every Summer. The number of patients arriving with the Black Widow bites does not reduce annually and the facilities of the ambulance and hospitals to render adequate assistance don't increase. For example, the hospitals of the Southern Ukraine within the area of the Black Widow settlement area haven't seen for a long time the anti-Black Widow serum - the essential effective aid to combat the problem. The Black Widow venom is a toxic albuminius substance with expressed neurotoxic effect. The appliance of the entire stock of the systematic and steroid therapy aids reduces the psycho-motoric disturbance, tremour, breathing difficulties, cardial arythmics, but cannot block the expressed painful syndrome efficiently.   
     As an aid of intense detoxication therapy in cases of the Black Widow venom intoxication we applied the method of a non-direct electrochemical blood oxidation (ECO) by means of intra-venous infusion of the Sodium Hypochloride solution in adequate concentrations and volumes producing the expressed detoxication effect.
     Patient К., aged 52, arrived to the Therapy Department of the Danube Basin Hospital on Water Transport in three days after she was bit by the Black Widow spider. Upon arrival she complained on heavy pain in chest, abdomen, loin and limbs, sense of fear, tachycardia effects, breathing difficulties, dizziness. Blood Pressure 150/90 mm mercury gauge, pulse 124 strokes per minute. For two days prior arrival the patient got symptomatic therapy in the district hospital without positive effects. 
     In  DBH on WT the complex symptomatic therapy measures included ECO (0.06% Sodium Hypochloride solution). In 15 minutes after infusion was commenced, the disturbance, tachicardia, pain syndrome reduced significantly and by the infusion completion stopped completly. In 8 hours, however the clinical pattern associated with the Black Widow bite resumed. The ECO infusion was repeated.
     The detoxication therapy using the Sodium Hypochloride was effected twice a day for 3 running days which blocked the expressed symptoms of the Black Widow venom intoxication. On the further stage of a week duration the patient received the general supporting therapy treatment and was released in satisfactory condition.
     Thus, in the situation of deficit of the anti-Black Widow serum, pathogenetically grounded application of 0,06 % Sodium Hypochloride solution at the daily dosage of 200-400 ml per day introduced twice a day into the central veins at the infusion rate of 20-60 droplets per minute (Application Licensed in Ukraine, License  № 44956А dated June 17, 2002) produces an expressed detoxicating effect and may be recommended fo practical aplication with the medical estalishments of the Southern Ukraine.

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Chief Physicial of the Danube Basin Hospital on the Water Transport: 
Alexander I. Verba, MD

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