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     The problem of intoxication caused by Black Widow spider bite got actuality not only for the Southern Part of Ukraine (Nikolaev, Odessa, Kherson Regions) and entire territory of Moldova, but also for the Crimea, the Caucasus, Krasnodar Territory and even the Althay Region for the last five years. The number of people who had suffered the Black Widow bites during the Summer season (June - August) within some territories began to exceed two dozens annual average during the last three years. Only in our region (Ukrainian part of the Danube River delta) 28 cases of the bites are registered. Those suffered include people employed in agricultural activities, tourists having their rest at the countryside near hills and plainlands, at the seaside and lakes and even people employed at the manufacturing plants within the territory of the enterprises. Due to timely and competent actions of their companions and physicians these bites have not resulted to  the fatal outcome. 
     The clinical pattern of intoxication developing in case of the Black Widow spider bite is dramatical both in appearance and in the forecast of lethel outcome probability. Without specific treatment those who suffered the from Black Widow bites become invalid for productive labour for a long time. The special anti-Black Widow serum is frequently scarcely available. The serum-free treatment methodology promised by the Althay Territory developers in 2002 lost somewhere, remaining the problem unsolved.

The Aim of this Project is to systematize the available data on the "evil one", methods of urgent aid and treatment of consequences of its bites! 
Hopefully, the displayed data will be interesting and useful not only to medical practitioners.

 Area of Habitation and Description of the Species | Clinical Pattern and Diagnostics of the Bites | Methodology of Urgent Intervention and Treatment 


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