BLACK WIDOW Spider Venom
Bites Intoxication Treatment 

Method developed and proposed by Sergiy I. Shatilov, MD and Alexander I. Verba, MD. Licensed in Ukraine, License  № 44956А dated June 17, 2002.

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Area of Habitation and
Specimen Description

Clinical Pattern and Diagnostics of the Bites Methodics of Immediate
Intervention and Treatment 

Black Widow Spider, Latin name - Latradectus lugubris. Biology of this spider specimen, i.e. its lifestyle and behaviour mannes we, until the excellent works by Pavel I. Marikovskiy issue, did not know so, as we should do ... next

     The bite of Black Widow female spider causes a complex of the symptoms known as Latrodectism. The poison, neurotoxical by actions spreads through lymphatic system and contains about six active components ... next

     All the patients arriving with the cases of the Black Widow bite or with suspection in same are subject to immediate hospitalization. A number of methodics of handling the Black Widow poison are available ... next

The BLACK WIDOW Portfolio The BLACK WIDOW Portfolio The BLACK WIDOW Portfolio


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